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My Backstory Itches

I've been itching for space and time for many moons. I remember being asked, "What do you need Steve?", by an investor in 2019. I was dumb enough to answer. "Hm...punctuation lessons and some time and space". I'm sorry everyone. I take full responsibility for what transpired, because some crazy fool of a god heard me; and birthed a pandemic to trap me in my own home. Space and time delivered. And out of that emptiness came more ideas, energy and a state of flow that I now call home.

This blog is an invitation into my heart, mind and soul. As a wise man once told me, "Be yourself. Have fun. Rant. Explore the world." Thanks Steve, I replied to myself. I will write, for I am the captain of my soul.

Persona non grata: I am Red Rover. A ginger born to roam free and explore the world. This blog, vlog, captains log; whatever kind of log this is represents me at a specific point in time and space on this wonderful earth. Red Rover Media is my creative outlet. And yes; it's one you can read, laugh, belly chuckle and body snort to. I genuinely hope you find some shred of sanity in what will most assuredly be nonsensical writings, musings and even playful manifestos. And if you don't find it interesting, tell me or keep it to yourself. I don't care. Because I'd rather be read than dead.

Backstory: A burnt out pseudo techie joins the ranks of the creative economy to pursue his own dreams. Not the panicky high pitched screamed nightmares he's used to; but rather Nimby dreams. You know, the puffy cloud who finds an extraordinary friend? LMGTFY . Like Nimby I'm a man of many faces and facets, and Red Rover Media's purpose is to display all the crazy feathers of my peacocking tail. So enjoy and know that every bit of this story is me. The wonderful, positive, energetic, comedian, actor, scientist walking-label-of-a-man-who-can.

Thanks for reading,

Red Rover

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