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How It Got Started

What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is Red Rover Media. Since I got started as a blogger back in 2000, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I enjoy writing about my passions, what interests me, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. With each passing day, Red Rover Media gains more followers, and with that, even more success.


"Nothing to do, and nothing to say, but I"m putting on a talk show anyway. - Steve Pyke

The bike shed is where I was banished during the pandemic to work. Instead of work, I ended up dreaming about hosting my own show, just so I could talk to people...about anything.

Bikesheddin just happens to be a term used to describe situations where people talk about the least important things in meetings, and that's exactly what we'll explore, the odd world of real human behavior. Join me!


"Anytime is a good time to tick-talk" - Karl

ticktalkin is an innocent man's take on the world. Karl Smythe is as pure, thoughtless and nerdy as it gets. Which is why he jumped all over the possibility of being Red Rover Media's Intern, for no pay, and the chance to host his own show. ticktalkin is Karl's time to connect with the world.


"I'm the little guy on campus with the crazy voice, that's why they call me Crazy Guns" - Gunther Larson

Guther aka "Crazy Guns" Larson is a precocious little punk with a jacked up voice. Born with debilitating asthma, Gunther overcame obstacles to confidently, perhaps too confidently, burst onto the college radio scene at Shorecreek Community College. 

Clickbaitin is Gunther's take on social media, current events in hip hop and b-ball. Both things Crazy Guns knows almost nothing about. But are you going to call him out on it? Doubt it. The legend of Crazy Guns grows. 


"I can spit ball with the best of them! Just keep me separated with them at all times." - Lord von Jovee

Lord von Jovee is a world renown poet, or so he thinks. LVJ is a natural statesman, published author and isn't afraid to tell you about his prowess at all pursuits. 

Spitballing his Lord von Jovee's take on an educational show for the literary inclined. Little does he know there's minimal to be gained from a low-brow audience connecting with his high-brow culture. See how out of touch LVJ is on spitballin. 


"Bout time ya'll gave me the mic. Now sit back and learn a thing or two from the Bailman." - Willy Bail

Willy Bail's an honest, hard-workin man from a simpler time. Good thing he doesn't know the times have changed. Willy loves the farm, walking in the fields and putting on his rubber work boots. Oh and he's pretty damn funny. 

Haybailin is Willy's time to vent about all the things he can't talk about in his small town. Current events, he may not have heard about 'em, but man, he'll talk about it!


"Anytime is a good time to tick-talk" - Karl

ticktalkin is our favorite


"Move over kids, Cecil has the mic and I've been standing on a soapbox my whole life." - Cecil Higgins

Cecil Higgins is a curmudgeon and just happens to be Karl's great uncle, but don't ask him about family, or anything really. Cecil's been around the world, and had too many good times to count. Somehow he's still competing, which is why he wants to have more viewers than Karl. So tune in to see who is winning. 

Soapboxin is Cecil's time to rant about anything that comes to mind, social norms and political correctness be damned. Cecil uses his charm, or lack there of, to engage viewers and debate them on the soapbox. 


"Praise be to JC. That's Jesus Christ for those of you who aren't hip to the lingo." - Henly Orman

Henley Orman is a loving, gentle follower, who is saving up for the after life. Innocence and purity are his preferred ways of operating, cause the lord is always watching. Henley has been waiting for his chance to star, lord willing of course. 

Biblethumpin is Henley's way of engaging with the world, without being in the world. Delightfully disconnected and sincere, Henley opens up about life, his struggles while trying to thump the bible over your head. Hear the biblethumpin for yourself. 

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